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Capture Photography is all about real images and as a result you’ll find me, Mary Beth, a very real girl behind the camera that will probably make you laugh, smile, and snort if we are both lucky.

One of my favorite aspects of my job is being able to meet new people almost every day! I HEART people. Whether it’s over drinks, on a hike, or on a road trip. I love to chat with people and learn their story. THAT’S WHERE YOU COME IN! Tell me your story, how you got where you are, what you love, what you fear, and what you do on Saturday morning when you don’t have any plans. This helps my vision of how I want to photograph you, how you should be captured, and how people will see you and the mark you left on this earth. I value spending time with my clients.  Their energy is reflected in the photographs of them and their loved ones. So the better I know you, the better my camera knows you too so let’s chat!

So here are a few things about me that may interest you: I have a dog named Pixel, she’s our mascot. I’ve been to 23 countries and lived in 3. I have met Bill Clinton, Prince Charles, and Julia Stiles and most recently Snoop Dogg. I can be won over by items that are pink, glittery, or have melted cheese on them. I once had to have my pants blessed at a wedding in order to photograph it. I am a culinary idiot but a vodka snob. I have two nieces that are the loves of my life. I was the school mascot in middle school and my dream one day is to write a book about this amazing job I have. Also appointments during shark week are few and far between. Priorities, people.

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