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Weddings – Pricing begins at $3,000

You ain’t me and I ain’t you. You also ain’t any of my other clients so I prefer to treat you like your unique, beautiful self and create a package that works for specifically for your needs. Our pricing begins at $3,000 and we offer everything from additional hours, second shooters, engagement sessions and albums! Use my contact page to make the first move, I promise I’ll take it from there ;)

What to Expect-

My job is to make sure  everything is all set for your big day, leaving you with nothing to worry about when it comes to photography. Prior to your wedding I’ll get to know you two on a deeper level so that I can photograph you that day authentically. Knowing what makes you smile, why you said yes and what a perfect Saturday off looks like for you makes my job that much easier and allows me to show the connection that you have and what’s better than being able to see that?

When the night is over, the champagne is gone and the flowers have wilted- within a matter of weeks you will have your reveal party! This party is when your family, loved ones, friend and bridal party are all invited to relive the day with a gorgeous 15 minute slideshow of the best photos from the day, set to the perfect music.This is the BEST way to show you the most beautiful photographs you’ve ever seen.


Portraits -

Whether this is for your family, your partner or simply you, this photographic experience will be unlike anything you’ve done before. At the start, we’ll chat about you and the ones you love. This gives us a chance to connect and I’ll have a better understanding of the authentic you. This allows your photographic experience to be personalized and not generic. The shoot itself gives you a chance to reconnect with your loved ones on a deeper level in a world where sometimes we forget how important human connection is. Afterwards you’ll be given a personalized slideshow to view your photographs and from there we will create amazing wall art that captures your families essence and becomes an heirloom for generations to come!

Pricing begins at $500


Boudoir -

Everyone, every couple that has a Capture Boudoir experience can agree on this – it is a LIFE CHANGING EVENT. Before we even get to the photography I’ll be asking you a few questions that allow you to play with some self discovery and see what it is you truly want to show- is it your happiness, your sexiness, your connection with your partner? From the moment we discover that WHY FACTOR, you can start to see yourself in the beautiful light I will be photographing you in. When you come to my home studio for the shoot you’ll feel totally prepared as I guide you on what to do, what to wear and how to truly relax and be in the moment.  That day you can opt to spoil yourself with professional hair, makeup and champagne! Bring the fierce, gorgeous woman out of you. You know she’s in there ;)

Pricing begins at $500