Q: You’re awesome, shoot my wedding! I mean how do I start the process of getting more information?

A: Reach me via my contact form along with your wedding date and venue. If possible, I would like to meet you both in person so you can get to know your future photographer and can ask me everything you need. Once you’ve decided to choose me, I will send a contract for you to sign and and return with a deposit. After that, you can check “find a photographer” off your wedding to-do list.

Q: Ok this is all fun and games but how much are your ninja-like skills gonna cost me?

A: Check out my pricing page and keep in mind that we do create custom packages if needed. I will tell you that I’ve never had a bride or groom wish they had spent less money on their photography. It’s the only thing that lasts when the big day ends.

Q: When do I need to get this ‘ish in writing?

A: Typically 6-12 months in advance is the best time to book me. I only shoot 20 weddings a year and this is on a first come first serve basis.

Q: Will you be shooting the wedding?

A: Yes. You are hiring me to shoot the wedding not someone with a wig that looks like me. We did that once but people noticed that my 8 year old niece was just slightly shorter than me.

Q: Does a BFF come with you, aka a second shooter?

A: Based on the package you choose, you can have a second shooter there. Having a second shooter frees me up to focus on shooting and looking for special moments while ensuring that between the two of us, we don’t miss the important ones. The 2nd shooter offers a different but complementary perspective and allows us to work efficiently throughout the entire day. Also all Capture second shooters are kick ass pros themselves!

Q: Where do you dwell?

A: I am based in Wallingford, Ct. If you aren’t in CT, please read the next question.

Q: Do you travel?

A: I LOVE to travel and will generally arrive at least the day before the event to help ensure that unexpected travel delays do not make me late or miss your big day. Let me know where you are and we’ll figure out the best way to get me out to you.

Q: How does a typical day of shooting go for a wedding?

A: 90% of my brides do a first look, so if that is the case then I arrive the last hour while you are getting ready, bust out that teary eyed first look, jump into bridal party portraits, get some mushy ones of just the two of you and then family stuff! If you don’t do a first look simply put the list I just rambled off into “things to do during cocktail hour.” Keep in mind shooting before the ceremony allows you to check one more thing off the day’s to-do list early on and, more importantly, to afford you and the wedding party a chance to enjoy the cocktail hour and mingle with your guests. Shooting after the ceremony, depending on the time, could allow you to take advantage of the setting sun and its softer light.

Q: Do you take dance shots?

A: That’s where the fun is. I am right there with everyone on the dance floor with camera in hand. And sometimes with some sick dance moves.

Q: Do you shoot in B&W?

A: I love me some B&W photographs. There is something so timeless about them. Since I shoot digital, this allows me to decide after the fact whether I want to process the image in B&W or Color. However, I generally shoot the image with a color preference in mind based on what I am seeing.

Q: What stuff do you shoot with?

A: I shoot with all sony professional equipment and a combination of prime and zoom lenses with backup for everything including shoes.

Q: When do I get to see the goods?

A: Your photos will generally be ready within 2 weeks following the wedding.

Q: Do you offer albums?

A: Yes. I offer custom-designed albums along with a selection of other a la carte products for your home, office and gifts for the grandparents.

Q: Are we supposed to feed you?

A: Thanks for asking! I thoroughly enjoy a meal while dinner is being served. It’s a long day to be on your feet and thats usually the only 10 minute break we as photographers get. If you think of it, let your venue you’d like me to be served at the same time you are- that way once you are done we can both get back to making photo magicness including cake cutting!

Q: What’s your favorite pass time?

A: Acting like an old lady while I knit and sip on my tea.



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