Mary Beth Morrissey is the Queen Bee at Capture Photography! She digs shooting funky and lovable couples who appreciate sarcasm and good beer. She also takes serious pride in producing once-in-a-lifetime bodacious boudoir photographs for people who want to see the beauty in themselves. She’s a travel junkie who loves to meet strangers. Mary Beth travels across the country where she speaks and inspires groups of people- including photographers, brides and small business owners. Her favorite method of inspiration is questioning the excuses and the fears that lie within all of us. She loves sharing her favorite tools on how to kick some serious ass, break rules and take names- all while gaining a better understanding of yourself and nurturing your creative passion to move past any and all barriers.


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Be sure to tune in every Friday for a new tale straight out of the rabbit hole. Here you’ll find stories of some killer weddings, my crazy way of living that usually involves breaking rules, kicking ass and taking names. You’ll also find some personal stories about me, my business, my family, my love life, and the love of my life- my dog. Like an 80′s romcom, it’s so bad, it’s good! …



Capture in Greece

Discover the islands of Greece and join me in my travels where I found that most beautiful people, fascinating places and endured some straight up crazy shit! The photos , the stories and insight will have you feeling like you are on a beach with a cold cocktail in your hand.

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4 Ways to Build Your Business

Photographers tend to make a million excuses for not doing what we love. We can’t find the right client, we don’t have enough time, we don’t have a studio, we don’t have expensive equipment…or maybe primates recently discovered how to use DSLRs and are taking business from you. For all of those, “reasons” I say this: LET THAT SHIT GO. So I want to share 4 ways to build your business without breaking the…


Speaking Engagements

October 15, 2017 "Pursuing Your Passion as a Small Business Owner" at The Hillstead Museum - Farmington, CT January 22, 2017 "Together Workshop" at The Marquee- Hartford, CT January 20, 2015 "10 Tools that Redefine the Rules" at Northwestern PUG- Northampton, MA February 12, 2015 "Moving Beyond the Classroom- Making a Living from Photography" at Ivy Tech Community College, Indianapolis, IN March 2, 2015 "10 Tools that Redefine the Rules" at Nashville PUG- Nashville, TN April 26, 2015 "Secrets to Your Best Wedding Photographs," Wifey for Life- Hartford, CT May 3, 2015 "Pursuing your Passion as a Small Business Owner" Ladies Business Brunch- Plainville, CT May 20, 2015 "10 Tools that Redefine the Rules" at Ct Pug- Nora's Cupcakes 700 Main St, Middletown, CT 06457

10 Tools that Redefine the Rules

Want to learn new ideas for building your business without breaking the bank! Mary Beth from Capture Photography has learned how to grow and market her business without spending a fortune to do so. At our meeting she is going to share with us what she has learned! Her talk, entitled "Ten Free Tools that Redefine the Rules", will go through the different ways to get your name out there and build your business that break free of the notion that you need to spend money to grow.

Beyond the Classroom

Making a Living from Photography- Geared towards photography students, this talk address's the transition from art school to building your own business. Mary Beth covers basic topics such as studio set ups, gaining clients, marketing yourself and using the knowledge you have already to create a valuable and sustainable photography business. A "must see" for anyone looking to break into the photography world as a professional.

10 Secrets to Your Best Wedding Photographs

This down to earth talk is meant for brides to be as they are discovering the world of wedding photography. Mary Beth gives you insider information on how to hire the right professional, what questions to ask, details to think of for the actual wedding day, how to pose and look best as well as determining what style of wedding photography suits you best. Her 10 secrets allow you to make an informed decision when it comes to getting the wedding photographs of your dreams!

Pursuing your Passion as a Small Business Owner

Every feel like your small business might need a little kick in the butt? Mary Beth brings it down to the basics of not only how hard it is to own a small business but more importantly why it is so rewarding. She'll discuss tactics to spark your creativity, how to get that well deserved break you need and how networking with other small business owners can be monumental to growing your business. She will remind you why you started and help you figure out where you want to go!    

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4 Ways to Build Your Business Without Breaking the Bank // SEE ARTICLE      

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Styled Shoot- Urban Chic in Denver, CO// SEE ARTICLE