Road Trip

So once I left Colorado it was back to Kentucky to pick up my car and also to speak at a local college in Indiana. Just recently I started doing some public speaking gigs and my speech initially was geared towards other professional photographers. When I was asked to speak to college kids I did a bit of tweaking and it rocked! The students were SO incredible. They were engaged, enthusiastic and extremely talented.


I stayed after and spoke to a couple of students one on one and that turned out to be probably the best part of the experience. I got feedback within hours of the talk about changing lives and inspiring their passion. I was floored and flattered. I was so excited to have been a part of their journey, even if it was only for a few hours. It made me that I want to do a lot more public speaking and I want to do it now!


My last stop of the trip was Nashville, Tennessee. I went there to experience the amazing city and to see my awesome friend of 20+ years, Sarah! Sarah moved to Nashville about 8 years ago to pursue her dream of being in the music industry and she is crushing that dream! It’s been so amazing because her and I have been on what I love to call “the road to happiness,” for the same amount of years. We both started going after our dream career at the same time and it’s been incredible to share this road with her.


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